UNISOL INDIA PVT. LTD. India’s only joint Venture for manufacturing POLYURETHANE(PU) sole. The venture is in collaboration with DELTA spa, ITALY, a leading sole manufacturing company of international repute. The company has a planned capacity of 30,000 pairs per day. There is no trick in producing PU soles, but turning them out at the highest level of perfection is a trade secret. The Highest level of comfort by proper Geometry of sole is achieved by 3D design of moulds at our designing centre in ITALY.
Imbibing the best quality system in our products, we also offer customized range of products like P.U shoe sole, leather shoe sole on the basis of criteria like weight, density, comfort, texture, feel (soft/hard) and look (matt/ shiny).

UNISOL, a leading name in the P.U. Shoe Sole and leather shoe sole industry has established itself as a leading player in both the domestic and the international market through its manufacturing excellence and export proficiency.
Our unflinching and sincere efforts over years have placed us on a pedestal higher than our competitors. It is our product that itself speaks of the brand we have been able to build for our company. Our focussed attention towards the quality of the products and in satisfying our clients forms our prime objective.