There is no trick in producing PU soles, but turning them out at the highest level of perfection is a trade secret. The Highest level of comfort by proper Geometry of sole is achieved by 3D design of moulds at our designing centre in ITALY.

The technique in mixing of liquids to achieve highest level of FLEXIBILITY & ABRASION with very good skin is guaranteed b special Testing Equipment-INDENTOMETER.


The selection of machine is to give highest level of flexibility such as twin system operation, two color with automatic dosing, and production of any type of soles through integrated programmable logic control Management System.

The 2 liquid components for producing Polyurethane are closed into the mould. The mould is closed and the mixture then foams up forming the sol. Ours is special design with a mould closing power of 4000N.
For good finish and to avoid sticking problem selection of releasing agent and equipment for washing is equally important. Our sole is guaranteed for pasting problem without extra operation of buffing to save time and cost.
Producing PU soles for different market segments means customers with varied Finish requirements. Very subtle nuances of color, matt of shiny surfaces there is no challenge we cannot accept. Our machine is flexible of using 2 color with 8 painting guns to take care of the finish of soles from all directions with Integrated Programmable Logic Control Management System under dust proof environment.
In keeping with our company’s Philosophy “The Customer is King” we work fast, precise and ustomer oriented. It we have already worked for you, you know our efficiency. If we have not, give us a chance to convince you. Take us at our word.